EP YAYING Fashion & Arts Centre

Jiaxing, China

Use of the status quo/ Cope with structure

There were existing foundations and basements on the site when FCJZ received the commission to redesign the buildings from ground up. We transformed the previous 9m square-column grid into a concrete structural system that places columns at 4.5m interval and spans 28-32m. The new columns take on the shape of a 0.3m thick shear wall.

Combine/ Introverted courtyard

Building interior © 2020 田方方
Building interior © 2020 Tian Fangfang

Adding one wing to the U-shaped configuration of the three existing foundations, we are able to connect all four freestanding structures with a curvilinear roof form and create a courtyard in the center.

Blend in/ Deep eaves space

While the roof drapes down from the tallest of the four wings, it wraps around the central courtyard with deep eaves as our architectural response to the rainy climate of the south of the Yangtze River.

Tradition/ Modernity

Building interior © Tian Fangfang
Building interior © Tian Fangfang
Building interior © Tian Fangfang
Building interior © Tian Fangfang

The architecture of this corporate cultural center combines the traditional elegance and the modern abstraction. The draping roof line suggests the quality of fabric and further the nature of the owner company, which is fashion. 

Connectivity/ Independence

As phase II of the complex, four renovated, rectilinear buildings lie eastward of EP YAYING Fashion & Arts Centre and are programed with commercial and children’s activity spaces. Joining the two phases is a long corridor building that is three-meters wide and three-stories tall. As both a transitional space and an independent building, the corridor building, formally different from both phases, functions as a passageway and at the same time a space for experiencing. The first floor of the corridor building functions as a canopied walking space in the traditional sense. The second floor bridges the phase II buildings. It opens to phase I buildings with an enclosing layout on one side and the phase II buildings with parallel arrangements on the other side. The third floor, which opens on both ends but closes on the sides, acts like an overpass that diffuses light from the floor below at the same time captures beams of light from the ends, which recalls the ultra-long depth of the corridor building. Each of the three floors is assigned with a strong and precise spatial quality, so as to transform a passageway into a space for experiencing.


建筑草图 ©2020 田方方
historical situation©2020 Tian Fangfang

Program Datas

Program Datas Atelier FCJZ
Client EP YAYING Fashion Group Co., Ltd.
Location 2029 Changsheng Zhong Lu, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China
Design range Architecture/Interior/Landscape Design
Principal Architects Yung Ho Chang, Lijia Lu
Project Team Architecture Yin Shun, Yu Yue, Liu Yang, Shi Qi, Pan Chenchao, Wu Xia, Li Xiangting, Liu Ping, Xie Yanxu, He Zelin, Long Bin
Project Team Interior Zhang Min, Han Shukai, Zeng Xiangyan, Li Shuai; Landscape: Shi Qi, Yin Shun, Lin Shijie, Xie Yanxu
Construction Drawing Design Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co.,Ltd (No. 4 Architectural Design)
Landscape Hangzhou Ruige Architectural Design Co., Ltd. 
Lighting Consultant TJAD-Architectural Lighting Studio, Shenzhen ShiYao Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
Building Area 25000 m2
Structure and Material Plain concrete, vitrified bamboo
Design Period 2016-2019
Completion Time 2020
Photographer Tian Fangfang

Editing : Bamboo, ©️FULLDES authorized publishing, copyright from the Author, Image copyright from the photographer or Company.