Chongqing Lijia Yuelai Smart Park

Chongqing, China

Chongqing Lijia Yuelai Smart Park ©2021 Aedas
Chongqing Lijia Yuelai Smart Park ©2021 Aedas

With the development of technology and digital network, modern cities are no longer purely composed of physical and social space, and smart services gradually penetrate all aspects of the city. From the initial technology-driven mining of data value to achieve full coverage of the city’s wisdom infrastructure; to the development period under the integration of science and technology to data simulation decision-making, urban governance information transformation; to the present day to reconstruct the organic superposition of wisdom scenes with science and technology, smart cities have entered a new era of development of the full technical system, full coverage of scenes, full elements of the field.

Aedas, together with Guangzhou Urban Planning and Survey Design Institute and Jadu Xintai Technology Co., Ltd, won first place in the international competition for the collaborative planning and design of Chongqing Lijia Yuelai Smart Park. In the competition, the company won first place by providing a new paradigm solution for the new stage of smart city development.

"Super Brain, Mountain and Water Ridge, Enjoy City" ©2021 Aedas
“Super Brain, Mountain and Water Ridge, Enjoy City” ©2021 Aedas


Location Studies

Chongqing is the leading wisdom city in China, and the Lijia Yuelai Wisdom Park in Liangjiang New Area is the geographical center of the Sichuan-Chongqing wisdom sector. As the core of the intersection of Chongqing’s innovation axis and wisdom axis, it is surrounded by rich wisdom industry groups, with Lijia Yuelai as the heart of the diamond, forming a perfect diamond structure golden industry triangle.

The planning area of the area is about 49,000,000 square meters, adjacent to the Jialing River, with 30 kilometers of shoreline, embracing the river and gorge, and looking at the mountain platform. The rich smart elements and application scenarios, together with the superior natural resources, will make Ligia Yuelai take up the important mission of building Chongqing’s “Smart City Scenic Eye”.

With Lijia Yuelai as the heart of the diamond, forming a perfect diamond structure gold industry triangle ©2021 Aedas
With Lijia Yuelai as the heart of the diamond, forming a perfect diamond structure gold industry triangle ©2021 Aedas

Design Solutions

The team combines smart technology and landscape camping city from the perspective of nature and human nature and proposes the design strategy of “Super Brain, Landscape Ridge, and Enjoyable City” to build an immersive smart space with the triple demonstration of the technology, ecology, and humanity.

“Through iterations, the smart city has entered a new stage of development, and the comprehensive digitalization of urban planning and construction and the comprehensive wisdom of urban scenes will become the focus of design exploration. And Chongqing is a city with deep historical and cultural deposits, we hope to create a smart city framework with regional characteristics by scenario orientation, and build a new generation of global smart city with Chongqing Smart Brain as the goal.” So said Huo Ning, Executive Director of Aedas.

Super Brain, the intelligent hub leading the whole scenario of governance of Chongqing “Smart City

The wisdom brain is an important core to determine the level of development of the smart city. The design proposes four key points: wisdom brain, wisdom unit, fast line wisdom network, and low-carbon demonstration, which combines the wisdom brain with the city scene comprehensively, based on the “four horizontal and three vertical” super wisdom brain. The overall framework is based on the “four horizontal and three vertical” super-smart brain, and the fast-line smart network connects all the smart units to form the smart social, smart life, smart economy, and smart industry under the low-carbon demonstration.

A full-field wisdom space with a comprehensive combination of wisdom brain and urban scenes ©2021 Aedas
A full-field wisdom space with a comprehensive combination of wisdom brain and urban scenes ©2021 Aedas
  • Wisdom brain: From the four levels of decision-making service, management application, integration platform, and infrastructure, combined with the three systems of security, operation management, and ecology, a super city brain framework of “four horizontal and three vertical” is built, which can sense the core urban signs of “wisdom city” in real-time and realize the holographic panorama of urban governance elements. “It can realize the holographic panoramic presentation of urban governance elements.
  • Wisdom unit: With the goal of strengthening the national strategic science and technology power and enhancing the independent controllability of the industry chain supply chain, wisdom head enterprises are introduced to build three wisdom industry ecosystems of source innovation, display experience, and transformation application, and seven wisdom units are created.
Introduction of intelligent head enterprises and creation of 7 intelligent units ©2020 Aedas
Introduction of intelligent head enterprises and creation of 7 intelligent units ©2020 Aedas
  • Express Wisdom Network: With the transportation brain as the core, combined with TOD stations, establish a mountain characteristic of water, road, rail, and other multi-modal transportation wisdom transfer system, create intelligent transportation demonstration area, explore future transportation mode, focus on vehicle networking and vehicle-road coordination, realize regional comprehensive wisdom fast connection and wisdom logistics system. Adding 3 types of light-weight, zero-carbon emission rope-type new transportation, focusing on the last kilometer and setting up climbing assistance facilities, intelligently solving the difficult points of mountain transportation, and optimizing the walking experience in mountain cities.
Multi-modal integrated interchange and TOD integration ©2021 Aedas
Multi-modal integrated interchange and TOD integration ©2021 Aedas
  • Low Carbon Demonstration: Based on smart carbon monitoring technology, we implement a “carbon banking” strategy to control the total amount of regional carbon emissions and take the lead in implementing the “carbon peaking and carbon neutral” strategy.
Mountain and water ridge, shaping a multi-dimensional landscape city

The area is dominated by the Jialing River, which brings together eight major water systems along the coast, and has unique cliff resources, but there is no effective connection between ecological patches. The design puts forward four principles: “integrating green into the ridge, dividing the water into platforms, building scenery according to the ridge, and viewing the city by stacking the shore”, giving full play to the advantages of intelligent network technology, dynamically monitoring the blue-green ecological network, and stitching ecological corridors through various techniques to build an ecological corridor system through the mountains and water, forming a “mountain and water reflecting each other, the city ridge continuous The 30-kilometer shoreline is a “skyline landscape” and “layers and layers of the shoreline are connected”.

"The mountains and water reflect each other, and the ridge of the city is continuous" ©2020 Aedas
“The mountains and water reflect each other, and the ridge of the city is continuous” ©2020 Aedas
  • Green ridge: Based on the ecological background of “one river and many gardens”, the ecological corridor spacing is reduced by linking, expanding, extending and spreading, linking river banks, valleys, and cliffs, forming a green ridge of “two belts and five wedges” and integrating into the regional ecological pattern. It also introduces intelligent habitat monitoring systems to address existing ecological problems and reshape diverse biological communities.
"Two belts and five wedges" of green ridges in the landscape ©2021 Aedas
“Two belts and five wedges” of green ridges in the landscape ©2021 Aedas
  • Split-stage water management: four major strategies to deal with the subsidence zone, identify subsidence, trough and valley catchment, split-stage storage, and rebuild the delicate blue city pulse; and build a three-dimensional sponge system, modulized intelligent floating islands, dynamic monitoring of watershed water quality, and real-time traceability of pollution sources.
  • Building scenery according to the ridge: identifying 3 types of characteristic cliff spaces, combining with the classical theory of mountain urbanism, creating the Leyue city balcony and sunshine walkway. It also selects 7 types of landmark viewpoints along the cliff to create a landscape pattern of “green ridge leading to the river and the river in the city”.
"A smart city with a green ridge leading to the river and a river in the city ©2021 Aedas
“A smart city with a green ridge leading to the river and a river in the city ©2021 Aedas
  • City view from the riverbank: The 30-km riverbank is subdivided and controlled to form 4 landscape sections and 3 terrace levels, creating a skyline outline along the river that “shows the city in the river and never gets tired of looking at each other”. It also forms different mountain settlement spaces along the mountain and water ridge and fully integrates wisdom elements with the architectural layout of the mountain, forming multiple wisdom landmark settlements with stacked and staggered layers to build a wisdom three-dimensional urban space model.
Stacked Bank View City, New Yue Lai Pier ©2021 Aedas
Stacked Bank View City, New Yue Lai Pier ©2021 Aedas
Enjoy City, a future city with humanistic interest, highly intelligent services, and refreshing pleasure

The team strives to create an immersive intelligent scene covering the whole area of “residence, industry, amusement, and shopping”, and proposes three major strategies, namely “the interesting city of fireworks, the warm city of integration, and the refreshing city of health”, to build three lines based on the intertwining of nature, humanities and wisdom, forming a 12-hour, year-round The three strategies are: “Fun City, Warm City, and Refreshing City”.

  • The Fun City of Fireworks: Based on the mountain and water ridge, it uses digital virtual technology to recreate the traditional landscape, combines the old style with technological intelligence, and builds three “fun shopping” theme lines with the flavor of fireworks to recreate the cultural scene of Bayu. The 20-kilometer extendable intelligent landscape forest will become an urban wilderness integrating art, interaction, sports, and recreation in the center of the city, and three sections of contextual commercial migratory streets with different themes will be used to build an intelligent and enjoyable scenario neighborhood.
Full-immersion intelligent scene ©2020 Aedas
Full-immersion intelligent scene ©2020 Aedas
  • Warm Unity City: 9 smart communities providing incubation services, cloud office, and shared streets are set up in the area to create a warm smart home with a series of innovative service measures including neighborhood sharing space, cloud innovation and entrepreneurship, and top international all-age public service system.
Smoke and fire fun city, warmth melting city ©2021 Aedas
Smoke and fire fun city, warmth melting city ©2021 Aedas
  • Cool and Healthy City: Based on the topography, a main and three auxiliary urban wind corridors are created to promote natural ventilation and regulate the building microclimate. The city air quality sensing and adjustment system covering the whole city is monitored in real-time, together with facilities such as adaptive circulating spraying devices to create a healthy and human-oriented urban environment in the post-epidemic era.

Project information

NameChongqing Lijia Yuelai Wisdom Park (Wisdom City Scenic Eye) Regional Collaborative Planning and Design International Competition Call for Proposals
LocationChongqing, China
Master PlanGuangzhou Urban Planning and Survey Design Institute, Aedas, Jadu Xintai Technology Co.
ClientChongqing Municipal Planning and Design Institute
Planned area49 square kilometers
Principal DesignersNing Huo, Executive Director; Mei Jia, Director

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