Bamboo Pavilion

Shanghai, China

The activation of rural field public space has always been an important part of rural construction projects. The participation of the designers and students in the rural space experimental project provides another possibility for the issue of rural construction space, focusing on joint participation, ecological construction, sustainable operation, teaching within research, etc.

Chongming, a beautiful island with excellent natural environmental and ecological resources, has unique advantages providing conditions for the development of local tourism and agriculture. Each weekend, tourists from Shanghai and its surrounding cities drive to Chongming, with special holidays making the trips more popular and abundant. In rural field, in addition to the beautiful farmland, people’s activities have become a different kind of rural landscape. How space can activate behaviors and become a social generator is the main focus of this space experiment.

In general, there are two characteristics of people’s behaviors in rural field: one is the extensibility of horizontal plane, and the other is no obvious aggregation in space. This design makes a breakthrough among the two points, with the program transitioning from horizontal to be vertically organized, with a highlighted spatial enclosure.

Building exterior ©2021 Sunkai LIU
Building exterior ©2021 Sunkai LIU

Furthermore, the designers introduced the field theory. Interactions between family members or strangers are realized by the space enticing people to break boundaries. People spend their time resting, talking, and transiting around this installation. They finally build up a sense of intimacy and connection by traveling from one field to another,experiencing it from a comfortable social distance to a tense social distance.

Building exterior ©2021 Sunkai LIU
Building exterior ©2021 Sunkai LIU

During the process of more than two weeks, the whole construction combines research and participation. With the help and guidance of  professional workers,students were able to experience the project from the start to its completion.


Simulated Construction ©2021 lin architecture
Simulated Construction ©2021 lin architecture
Building Constructure ©2021 lin architecture
Building Constructure ©2021 lin architecture

Program Datas

Architects LIN Architecture
Type  Installation,  Exterior
Status  Commission, Built
Location  Shanghai, China
Client RAC studio
Design team Lifeng Lin(Finn Lam), Jiawei Lyu
Collaborators Racstudio team
Photo credit  Songkai LIU, Jiawei Lyu,Lifeng Lin(Finn Lam)

Editing : Bamboo, ©️FULLDES authorized publishing, copyright from the Author, Image copyright from the photographer or Company.

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