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Steven Holl Architects
Steven Holl Architects is a 35-person innovative architecture and urban design office working globally as one office from two locations: New York City and Beijing. Steven Holl leads the office with partners Chris McVoy, Noah Yaffe and Roberto Bannura. Steven Holl Architects is recognized for the ability to shape space and light with great contextual sensitivity and to catalyze the unique qualities of each project to create a concept-driven design at multiple scales, from minimal dwellings, to university works, to new hybrid models of urbanism. The firm has realized architectural works around the world, with extensive experience in the arts, campus and educational facilities, and residential work, as well as mix use and office design, public works, and master planning. Steven Holl Architects emphasizes sustainable building and site development as fundamental to innovative and imaginative design. Our projects combine sustainable technology and forward-looking approaches to urbanism and architecture. We see a sustainable approach to design and construction as an obligation to the future of the built environment and are committed to this vision in each project. Parallel to designing large scale, sustainable urban architecture, Steven Holl supports the preservation and restoration of landscape and wilderness as Lifetime Member of Sierra Club, Active Member of Scenic Hudson, Member of Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and “Advocates for Wilderness”-Member of the Wilderness Society. In 1970, Steven Holl was one of three founding members of Environmental Works at the University of Washington. Steven Holl Architects is internationally honored with architecture’s most prestigious awards, publications and exhibitions for excellence in design. Awards include the Velux Daylight Award for Daylight in Architecture (2016), the Praemium Imperiale Award for Architecture (2014), the Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects (2012), the RIBA Jencks Award (2010), the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award (2009), the Grande Médaille D’Or from the French Académie D’Architecture (2001), and the Alvar Aalto Award (1998). Steven Holl has published numerous texts and has lectured widely. He is a tenured faculty member at Columbia University where he has taught since 1981. He was named by Time magazine as “America’s Best Architect,” for creating “buildings that satisfy the spirit as well as the eye.”