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IDOM is an association of independent professionals, working in the fields of Consulting, Engineering, and Architecture, united in the ownership of the company and a shared way of acting and common objectives, always at the service of the Client. This commitment to the Client's success is the leitmotiv of the 4 pillars of IDOM's own philosophy: striving for excellence in everything we do, constant innovation, commitment to the value of human relationships, and passion when tackling innovation challenges and complex projects. IDOM has more than 3,800 professionals (2020) working in multidisciplinary teams, with projects in more than 125 countries on 5 continents. In the field of architecture alone, we have over 300 professionals, including architects, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers... In the last five years, IDOM's architecture projects have received a total of 45 recognitions, including the Aga Khan Award, first prize in the WAF Awards, the LEAF Awards, and the WAN Awards. In addition, in the January 2020 edition of the BD World Architecture Annual Survey, the British publication ranked 43 among the top one hundred most important architecture firms in the world.