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ADEPT is a Copenhagen based architecture community. We believe in Place over Building because we see the city as an organism born from the synergies between people, functions and places. We work in all scales - from urban planning to building architecture and public space. Working across scales and across the world, we integrate the latest research in sustainability in our designs to customize solutions to the unique content of each project. Our designs grow from a careful reading of local conditions to create places that contribute to their context. We are more concerned with users, location and synergy than with classical terms of aesthetics. Our aim is to design anti-iconic cities and buildings that leave room for the un-programmed to evolve. The most important resource in our cities and buildings are the people that inhabit them. We seek to activate that resource through social initiatives encouraging positive interaction and community. Through an iterative process, we investigate all possible aspects in a project, while slowly condensing our ideas into a single concept. We explore unknown territories to bring back innovative solutions.