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The 3deluxe architecture department specializes in iconographic architecture and is run by Dieter Brell. 3deluxe architecture creates sustainable architecture that communicates. Architecture that expresses themes and aesthetic visions. Architecture that conveys brand messages. Architecture that produces intense and inspiring experiences. Or, simply put, architecture this world more interesting and beautiful. For more than 20 years 3deluxe sets groundbreaking impulses when it comes to design, and more recently their position in the architecture world. In an international context, 3deluxe’ organic shapes and complex multimedia productions have proven to be Numerous architectural projects were honored with awards as well as with great attention from press Examples include the corporate architecture ‘Leonardo Glass Cube’, the redesign of ‘Zeilgalerie’ in Frankfurt, the corporate headquarters ‘Kaffeepartner’ and the complete design of ‘Noor Island’ in Sharjah.